How To Organize A Pantry That Works For You

A pantry is one of the most important areas in the kitchen you should definitely plan for. One of the things that wastes a lot of time is when all of your ingredients are in disarray and it takes you forever to start cooking.

1.    Make a List.

The very first thing you should do is take a list of what items you need to stock in your pantry. From this, you will know how much space to allot for each category and how to store it. You can use mason jars, baskets, bins, under cabinet shelves, stackable bins, lazy susans.

2.    Designate each shelf and group according to category.

Location of each category should be based on frequency of use. That means, your most used items should be in the middle, the least at the very top, bottom can contain bottles, paper goods, dog food. Store spices alphabetically and label all containers.

kitchen pantry spice organization.jpeg

3.    Use the same container for similar items.

To maintain a clean, organized look, use the same containers. If you have extra space on the top portion of the shelf, use a wire shelf that you can slide into the top part, just like the photo seen below. That way, all space is maximized. It's best to use clear containers so you can easily see what's inside.

4.    Label all items. 

via Creativity Exchange

via Creativity Exchange

Yes, it’s a tedious task but somebody has to do it. Why? This is food we’re talking about. Especially for those items that you choose to remove from its original packaging, you should place the expiration date too. If you have fancy writing skills, go ahead and write on a blackboard type sticker. Another option is to buy sticker paper and print out the labels on the computer. I've found these free printable labels for you to use.


There's one thing that you need to remember: Personalize your pantry according to your needs.

Every person is different. Some may need a space for baking materials, others might need a whole area for coffee. The key here is planning for each area and allowing for the right amount of space.

If you need more help, e-mail me and we can design your own kitchen made especially for you! 

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