My son and I - taken on our annual trip 

My son and I - taken on our annual trip 




About Me

If you feel overwhelmed or lost on how to start, let us work together so I can help you get what you want without the hassle, the headaches, and the mistakes. As a professional interior designer, I consider all other aspects aside from aesthetics that play a larger role in creating your dream space. That includes all those boring technical details (such as proper space planning, material specifications, and ergonomics) to ensure safety and comfort. I believe collaboration is key to achieve this. After all, this will be YOURS. I will take into account your lifestyle and your goals and collaborate with you throughout the process.

I am Jasmine Ancheta, a licensed interior designer from Manila, Philippines. My passion for design started when I wanted to build my dream house. After reading tons of information online, learning Sketchup (a 3D modeling software) and trying to weed out the important information, I managed to put up my dream home. But was it all I hoped for? To be honest, yes and no! Why? I had no clue what goes together, how to meld my lifestyle with my design aesthetic, and so much more. So what's a girl to do? I enrolled in school! That's right! Funny, you might think... study to put up your dream home? But yes, that is what I did (although it was after the fact). I love my home and I am still constantly changing/rearranging and making it better. In this site, I will tell you what my mistakes were (and how to avoid them), what I did, and most importantly, what I did right!!!

If you're here, I am sure you are interested in how to make things work for your own space, whether it's a condominium unit, a townhouse, your own workplace, or maybe your business. This website is all about learning tips, tricks and interior designer secrets and what goes on behind my creative adventures! 

In my free time, I draw, sketch, peruse magazines online and offline(!), and watch the latest movies. I love traveling to different places, enjoying each country's rich culture, food, history and architecture.

Let's be partners in enhancing your interiors! Check my online design services and follow me on Facebook and Instagram.