The Cabinet at Canterbury will be at LRI Design Plaza this Saturday, November 9 to sell some of our artists works. We will be giving out free artwork prints, free talks art, cool vinyl and special discounts for art which would only be available on that date. Hope to see you there!

Our art gallery, The Cabinet at Canterbury, and our interior design projects through Jas Ancheta Interiors have been featured in various news outlets - Real Living, ABS-CBN, Philippine Tatler, Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Net 25, Malaya, Business World, Orange Magazine & Metro Magazine. We are an event partner of Design Center of the Philippines & DTI (Department of Trade and Industry).

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Happy birthday to my interior designer-friend, Jas Ancheta! It’s her birthday but she’s working and we’re choosing carpets when she should be celebrating!

I had 2 non-negotiable criteria outside of hard skills when I chose my interior designer: 1. Proximity to my home, and 2. Someone I will be very comfortable talking to and workmen with...because rapport matters. In this entire process, from Jakarta to Bali to Spain, we talked to each other every step of the way so I can consult with her on which ceramic pulls or throw pillow covers to buy. It has been an awesome journey. It’s even more awesome that we have similar tastes!

Happy birthday, Jas. May you always have wonderful days to look forward to, more clients and projects, abundance, good health and happiness.
— April Cabello-Arshad (Filipino expat in Indonesia)
Loving how my 5 year old unit is transforming beautifully into our Scandinavian winter design theme 😊 Thanks for going the extra mile Jas for this project! Really appreciate all the help to transform my unit into this beautiful masterpiece 😘
— Lulu Espiritu
You gave me a lot of options. If it were me, I wouldn’t think of that. You helped me source out suppliers. I just look at the ones in the mall but you gave me better choices. It turned out really nice. I’m excited to show my home to my friends.
— Karen Atendido (makeup artist, TV personality, mom)
It’s cool and light. Not too loud. Comfortable color (especially if you want people who come into your office to feel “chill”...shout out to raging parents or intimidated students).
— Liyam Cundangan (daughter of a School Principal)
Ganda ng office ah... Simple pero sosyal.
(The office is beautiful. Simple but elegant).
— Brother of an office client


Who am I?


I am Jasmine Ancheta, a licensed interior designer from Manila, Philippines. My passion for design started when I wanted to build my dream house. After reading tons of information online, learning Sketchup (a 3d modeling software) and trying to weed out the important information, I managed to put up my dream home. But was it all I hoped for? To be honest, yes and no! Why? I had no clue what goes together, how to meld my lifestyle with my design aesthetic, and so much more. So what's a girl to do? I enrolled in school! That's right! Funny, you might think... study to put up your dream home? But yes, that is what I did (although it was after the fact). I love my home and I am still constantly changing/rearranging and making it better. In this site, I will tell you what my mistakes were (and how to avoid them), what I did, and most importantly, what I did right!!!

If you're here, I am sure you are interested in how to make things work for your own space, whether it's a condominium unit, a townhouse, your own workplace, or maybe your business. This website is all about learning tips, tricks and interior designer secrets and what goes on behind my creative adventures! 

In my free time, I sketch, read, peruse magazines online and offline(!), and watch the latest movies and Netflix. I love traveling to different places, enjoying each country's rich culture, food, history and architecture.

Let's be partners in enhancing your interiors! Contact me for your design requirements. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.




I don't know where to start!

It's confusing and frustrating to want something but you are unsure of so many things about interior design.

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I need someone who can remove the noise in my head.

There is too much information in the internet. It isn't easy to distill that and find out what applies to you.

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I want to live my life beautifully!

If things were so simple, you would have a home/business that is exactly what you want--something beautiful, organized and makes you proud to show off to your family & friends.


This is what I believe in:



Design for me is personal and unapologetic. It is a reflection of WHO YOU ARE as a person, YOUR stories, YOUR experiences--everything that has made you the person you are today. It means not minding where the crowd goes but PAVING YOUR OWN PATH. It means going deeper into YOUR WAY OF LIFE and creating something meaningful, something that you know is truly your own. If that means breaking the rules and melding design styles, then let's break it together! If you have the same design philosophy, let me show you how you can reach your aspirations in your own home or business.

Let us journey into the world of interior design! 



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