For long-time homeowners with a relatively big family, it is a no-brainer that your kids must have their own bedrooms. But time will come when they will have to go to college or start their own families. And when that time comes, the house might feel a little bit lonely.

However, there will always be ways to have more fun even without your grown-up babies, starting with fixing your home!

For one, you can start decluttering your kids’ rooms. Remember though that you would still want them to have a place when they come home for the holidays. Switch the twin-sized beds into queen-sized ones that will also be perfect for when guests come over to your house.


Moreover, if you’ve always wanted a home office that’s not in your living room or dining area, use one of the now-empty rooms! If you and your partner will be retiring soon, it will be a perfect chance for you to have your own separate office or creative space at home. Time to invest in a desk and a comfortable chair that will not hurt your back.


Or maybe you've always wanted to have a man cave. Now is the best time to do it. How do you envision your ideal man cave? Are you a reader, a gamer, an art collector or maybe all of the above? A reader would need a comfortable lounge chair and a floor lamp. A gamer would dream of a bespoke entertainment center complete with surround system and acoustic walls (to soundproof your gaming from your neighbors or your wife unless she's a gamer too). An art collector needs some shelves, perhaps a few pedestals for that Cacnio sculpture and ideally, spotlights on the art pieces to give the right attention that they deserve.

Now you will have the chance to get started with that renovation you have been thinking of for a while now. Such construction is best supervised by professionals who can envision your space for you.

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Premium room design involves giving you 2 concepts from where you can choose, after which we can proceed with the revisions as needed. A floor plan to maximize your space and other requirements needed will be given as well. A maximum of three revisions is included. After the final approved mood board is chosen, a perspective to show you the view of the room will be done. The final step after approval will be a shopping list that includes all furniture, lighting, and accessories you need together with the supplier from where you can purchase.

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