I Have This Thing With Floors

Spanish cement tiles

Are you familiar with the hashtag, I have this thing with floors? There is a reason why this is so popular.

While using regular white tiles or simply all wood flooring can be attractive, why not experiment with floor patterns?

From classic to modern, here are some inspirational photos perfect for your space:


Cement tiles

Patterned cement tiles are available too in ceramic. The original trend came from cement tiles but there are now beautiful options with ceramic. The beauty of ceramic is that it isn’t porous unlike cement. This means ease of maintenance and more sanitary since there are less openings. Of course, I still cannot discount the beauty of having original cement tiles. Who doesn’t love our local Machuca tiles?


Hexagonal tiles

Geometrics are so in right now. I guess people got bored with the usual shape and decided for something more bold!




Combining materials

Why not combine ceramic with wood? Or natural stone with wood? There are multiple options but just remember that each material has a different thickness. That means the final result should be that your flooring is even. Who wants to trip over uneven floors? Find out first if it is possible by consulting your interior designer.


Natural stone

When it comes to luxury, nothing beats natural stone. There are so many choices too. Although there are alternatives, that is, ceramic tile that looks like the original stone, the original hands down adds more value to your home.



Just like stone, real solid wood is ages apart from faux wood which may come in vinyl tile, ceramic tile, laminated wood or engineered wood. What’s the difference among each? Real wood is more beautiful, more luxurious and adds more value to your home.

If you can’t afford real wood, engineered wood is next in line. Just know that with engineered wood, you get a thin sliver of wood on top, then other layers below which together comprise the whole plank. You can resand this once or maybe even twice, but after that, you need to replace it. If you buy this, make sure to get an extra box for repairs. Suppliers change stocks and you may not get the same wood species if you need to repair your floor.

Next comes laminated wood. Laminated wood is a synthetic flooring with multiple layers that can simulate real wood but with a more affordable price. The disadvantage of this is once scratched/damaged, you need to replace as it cannot be refinished. Also, do NOT mop this and make sure it doesn’t get wet, otherwise it will warp and planks will pop out!



Vinyl is resilient flooring and is cost efficient in comparison to real wood or ceramic tiles. It can mimic natural wood and comes in the form of tiles or sheets. It is easy to install and maintain. However it can be damaged by sharp objects and colors can fade with too much sunlight exposure, thereby making it more ideal for indoor use.