Exciting and Sensational Ways to Magnify Your Tiny Space

Nowadays, spaces continue to become smaller and smaller. More people are opting to live near their place of work or perhaps near their children's schools. With this come problems of maximizing available space. So what do we need to do to maximize our own spaces? 

Here are a few design solutions to small space problems:

First, proper planning is very important. 


Space maximization can be achieved when there is a proper space plan. While there is a guideline on floor plans when it comes to condominiums, there are quite a lot of times that this wouldn't fit your lifestyle. What does this mean? Each of us has their own way of living. Some people entertain more, others less. Some have collections even, while others prefer a more minimalistic design. Discuss with your interior designer your daily rituals so that you can ensure a better plan.

Doing it on your own? Make sure you have measurements of furniture and play around with scaled furniture cutouts using the floor plan. Allow enough space for moving around and for doors/cabinet doors to open without hitting any furniture. Remember to measure your space properly.

Focus on the functions you want for the area.

Do you like to watch TV while lying on your bed? Do you like to cook and invite guests to eat at your place? Before even thinking of buying furniture, find out your needs first.  Do you entertain often? Or do you like spending more time in your bedroom? Do you love cooking or is the kitchen your least priority?

Moreover, your personality should reflect in your unit, otherwise, you will not enjoy living in your own space.

Do you entertain more in the dining area rather than the living? Opt for a banquet style seating and this can be your hang-out space with friends too.

Go for an open floor plan.

Mandarin Residences

Mandarin Residences

Dividing your space doesn’t necessarily mean adding walls. An open floor plan is one where there is no wall between the common areas—living, dining and kitchen. You can divide the space by the use of a partition, an open shelf, a curtain or simply adding an area rug. This also means areas are more flexible as you can easily rearrange your furniture.

Choose the right furniture.

It can either be bespoke/custom or something that is off-the-rack as long as it is space efficient. As much as possible, buy convertible furniture pieces, like a center table that doubles as a dining table, a sofa that can be converted into bed or even a four-seater dining table that can turn into a six-seater, or perhaps a bench with hidden storage. You can easily find these in most furniture stores like Our Home, Bo Concept, Dimensione, etc.

Make the space multi-functional.

Make the most of your space by making it flexible for different uses. Your living area can double as a home office.

The kitchen countertop can also be used as a dining area.

via Apartment Therapy

via Apartment Therapy

Create hidden storage.

Put to good use the empty spaces that just gather dust, like under your bed, under the center table, top of the kitchen cabinets, or even under the dining table. Hide items you rarely use. You will lessen the clutter by maximizing these spaces that are normally taken for granted.

Play with mirrors.

Via Horchow

Via Horchow

Adding mirrors creates an illusion that your unit is bigger than it really is. It doubles the size of space. Place them near light sources like a window to reflect light into your space.

No, you don't need to add simply a large rectangular mirror (not that that's bad). Have fun and play with different sizes or even designs to create a unique look. You can even add mirrors to furniture, like a cabinet door, or behind bookshelves. The possibilities are endless. 

Paint white on the upper part of your wall all the way up the ceiling.

This will make the illusion of a higher ceiling by connecting the edges and making it seem like your ceiling is higher than it normally is. 

Use clear furniture.

It could be a glass-topped coffee table or a ghost chair. Using clear furniture makes your space more expansive as there is less items blocking your view.

Metallics are the best.

Aside from putting mirrors to furniture, you can also use metallic finishes to reflect light and make your space brighter.

Go vertical.

Add storage to your walls, go high, and higher. No reason not to use that extra wall space.