Decorate with Intention


There are so much guides out there that talk about what to put on your coffee table, bookshelf,  or any other place where you want to put decor. But have you ever thought what is right FOR YOU?! Yes, I don't believe in adding décor just because it's trending. Although, to be honest, yes, I've gone with trends too. Problem with my passion project is that I see plenty of pretty things! Ugh, the dilemma! 

You know, you don't really want everything you see in a trendy inspirational photo to also be in your home. Although if you like trendy, no one's stopping you! Just beware that trends come and go. Your home should showcase your personality and that of your family. It's not a model unit meant to be showcased for all but for you to enjoy your life so you can live exactly the way you like it. 

1. Greenery is King


Nowadays, the trendy thing is to have plants and cacti in your home. Oh boy, I do loooove plants! But before you even plunge into the plant craze, please do some research and find out what plants will actually thrive in your home. Admittedly, I've had some plants die on me... Sometimes, you just can't help the bad weather.

What do you do? Research, research, research... Different plants have different needs. If you want a cactus, don't even dare put it in a place with little sunlight. Cacti thrive in the sun and so be mindful or your poor plants will die and you'd think you have a black thumb. The oh-so-trendy fiddle leaf fig, on the other hand, is one that likes bright filtered light. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves! 

2. Flowers are Simply Gorgeous

Who can resist a bunch of fresh flowers? If you have flowers in the garden, that will be ideal. If not, even though plenty designers shudder with faux flowers, there are beautiful silk flowers you can use! Don't get the cheap plasticky ones because they are really tacky. The key to decorating within your budget is to do it a section at a time. Whoever said you need all the décor right now?! So wait a bit and buy when you have the savings!

3. Art and Books Always Add Character

What other things should you consider to add some style? Art and sculpture will always be timeless. Books are always good to add height to your objects of art and yes, for someone to actually read! I love reading books and magazines.

4. Photos are Lovely Personal Touches

People nowadays don't print photos but how about considering it? A family photo will always be something you will treasure. If you're really not into the printed photo, there are digital frames that show different photos you've taken. Your guests will love looking at these personal stuff. Or even if you don't have guests frequently, aren't they a good reminder of you and your loved ones?

5. Travel Mementos to Remind You of Your Favorite Places

Finally, if you travel a lot (or maybe even if it's a few times only), consider pretty travel mementos to add some spice to your space. 

6. Nothing Says You More Than Your Collection

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? Maybe you have a collection of wine bottles? Even perfume bottles can be a collection. That always reminded me of my grandma. She had a really pretty doll in her closet together with her numerous collection of perfume bottles. I saw it occasionally when she opened her closet but why keep it out of sight when you can admire them on a place you can see everyday?

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and decorate your space!!! It's so therapeutic to see a well-styled space!

Decorate with intention!

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