Are you feeling a little uneasy about your restaurant/café? Do you feel the need to change things a little bit but don’t know where to begin? The norm is to renovate every 3 to 5 years. Let us help you get started with vamping up your food and drink business in the simplest of ways!

The first thing that people notice is always the facade. The entrance says so much about what’s inside. Add a few plants to make your entrance more inviting.

Another tip is to liven up your walls by repainting them. This is the cheapest and easiest way to go. You can also add framed art or an art mural for a little accent as well.


Additionally, your floor also adds up to the overall appearance of your store. If you have the budget, do an overall renovation and use bold patterns or colors of tiles. If not, check the existing floor and ensure that there are no loose tiles that your customers may trip on. If you don't want to do a full renovation, simply adding a border makes quite a change to the look. 

If you operate a restaurant that serve good liquor, creatively boasting a few of your best drinks on your walls may be good advertising and branding; because servers offering the wine of the day to customers is sometimes not enough.

Consider refinishing your furniture. Maintenance is key so that they don’t wobble. Stable furniture adds to the perfect customer experience.

And lastly, something that might be neglected – make sure that your restrooms are always clean and pleasant. Personally, aside from the food and the service, it’s the restroom that I draw my attention to. After all, maintenance of the restroom tells me a lot about how customer-focused a restaurant is. Unfortunately, this isn't common knowledge and there are some that need to improve in that department.

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