Working at home, i.e. doing your bills, taxes, grocery list, among others, can sometimes be done in the dining area, living room, and even in your bedroom. But are you one of those people who have always wanted to have a separate working space at your own home?

These home office ideas are perfect for all types of workers!

The Creative

An extra bedroom may be used as your home office. Include everything that you know will give you inspiration for your creative juices to start flowing! If you're a photographer, you may also use the extra space for your own mini studio. If you don't have the space, a simple nook can work. Add a corkboard to pin your work! 

The Reader

In order to get ideas and relax your mind, invest in a comfortable chair and a reading lamp at a corner of your house for your reading/working nook. A few of your favorite quotes may be framed for more motivation to work. Perhaps a hanging shelf in which you can put your books. Make sure to also choose the quieter part of your house for more concentration.

The Free-Spirit

Incorporate indoor plants into your home office (or just around the house, really) so the room would still feel brighter and improve the air quality. These will be more perfect if your chosen working space has a window in which natural light could enter. Avoid glaring sunlight as it can distract you. Choose a place with soft natural light. Consult with a professional for a better working environment at home.

The Cozy One

You may still prefer to do your work in bed (not really advisable!) or near your bed, so setting up a desk in your bedroom is also recommended, as well as a working chair. Just make sure to not fall asleep while working!


A few final words of advice. Have an area where you can place and charge you gadgets. Think about nearby outlets for this. You can even have a customized desk for your charging station. Use an ergonomic chair. Try the ones with an adjustable seat height. Seating for hours in a chair means comfort should be of utmost importance


Last, but most important of all, consider your storage requirements. You can have a desk with drawers or even those mobile drawers. If you have space, add a bookshelf. If not, look to your walls and add hanging shelves.


In order to achieve your desired working station at home, ask a professional as well on how you should do it. Not only do you get an accurate work-from-home setup, but also guaranteed productivity for you as everything can be customized and space can be maximized as well.

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Basic room design involves giving you 2 concepts from where you can choose, after which we can proceed with the revisions as needed. A maximum of three revisions is included. After the final approved mood board is chosen, I will give you a shopping list that includes all furniture, lighting, and accessories you need together with the supplier from where you can purchase.

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