With all the energy and at times, the tantrums, it takes hard work not only to keep up with your toddlers but also to keep them safe in your home. Another thing to consider is how your style would match and correspond to the needs of a toddler-friendly house, specifically your living room.

It should not be rocket science really. It will only require you a little bit of creativity and you are good to go!

When spending time in the family room, like watching movies, and you want to keep your little tykes busy and quiet, keep a pack or a mini box of colorful art supplies for them to work with. These could be placed on a toddler-friendly coffee table as well, which could be an ottoman, or even on your reading nook by the window. Remember to supervise though!

Your couch could be customized, in a dark color or patterned fabric. This is to avoid appalling appearances of spills and stains. Couches that could use a slipcover are good choices, too. Other fabric choices that are easy to clean is ultra suede, outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella. Check out your local fabric store for these. They can guide you to find the correct fabric. Any spills should still be cleaned immediately to prevent further staining.

Now when it comes to flooring, make use of a patterned rug to hide potential stains. This will also protect your running and highly energized toddlers from slipping and hitting their heads hard on the floor. Do use a carpet pad to avoid any slips.

Needless to say, remove all breakables and set them on a higher shelf. Make sure your furniture has round edges. No glass please. Even though it may be tempered, we wouldn't want any accidents for your children. Be careful as well with your window shade cords. Tie them up higher to avoid any accidents. Lastly, remember to cover all unused outlets. 

Kids will always be kids. Sometimes, no matter how childproof we make our homes, they still manage to do something we never thought they could! My kid drank a shampoo bottle so fast it just took milliseconds! We called the hospital and good thing, all the ingredients were harmless. Nevertheless, let us be watchful but hopefully, try not to be a nervous wreck. What matters most is that you spend time and have fun with your family!

Got no time to prepare your child's room? Click on the image below and hire a professional.