Struggling with so many things, but so little space? Here are some tips and tricks for organizing your closet and saving space for new items in your wardrobe!

First, you need to determine which clothes, accessories, and shoes are going and which ones are staying. You can never have all of them forever. Truth be told, you probably don't use half the items in your closet. For all the clothes you haven't even used for six months, this includes those that you secretly wish you'd fit in again but somehow don't. Yes, I admit I have a lot of those. Sort out accessories and shoes in the same manner.

Donate them to an organization or have your own garage sale. H&M accepts preloved clothes and gives you a 15% discount voucher. Or try the app Carousell.



Next, follow some DIY blogs from where you can get ideas on how to make your own drawer organizers. These are easy to make and they will sure save you a lot of space in your drawers! Or if you're lazy, there are cheap drawer organizers in the department store. Very handy and makes it easy for you to see all your things at in a glance. I tend to look at the Japan Store (locally) or Dollar Store if you live in another country. Ikea has a large section on organizers too! 

Drawer organizers from Container Store

Drawer organizers from Container Store

I was looking at scented drawer liners online and for the purpose, it seems unreasonable for the price. So I had a great idea to simply use cheap wrapping paper and spray them with linen spray. Isn't that such a wonderful idea?!

Another tip is to repurpose your shower curtain rings as hooks where you can hang your scarves, ties, belts, and other clothing accessories. And speaking of hooks and rings, install hooks at the back of your closet doors for your bags as well.

Rubbermaid closet system

Rubbermaid closet system

When it comes to your apparel, one of the best ways to organize them is according to type and color. That means putting all your pants together, all your blouses, and so on. 

In addition, allot one section of your closet for your winter wear, another for office/school wear, another for casual, and the list goes on. This will actually help you decide on what to wear in the morning.

DESIGNER TIP: Use all the same type and color of hangers. It will make your closet look cohesive. Ideally, wooden hangers look more luxurious. However, sometimes limited space dictates you use a slimmer type of hanger to make way for more clothes. This tip will make your clothes look even better!

Sweaters should never be on hangers!!! You don't want to have those hanger marks they leave. Fold sweaters in a lovely basket.

When stacking shirts, don't stack higher than the height of your hand. It will be easier to remove. Don't you hate it when they look like a mess? For your kids, use shorter stacks or if you can, just hang them all. That will definitely make you sane and not let those piles look impossible.

Clear shoe box from Container Store

Clear shoe box from Container Store

Looking for fun ways to store your linen? Place them in vintage boxes (or baul in the local vernacular). Woven baskets are a good place too.

Shoes are best placed in a shoe rack where you can see all of them in a glance. For those that you don't wear as often, keep them in clear storage containers. Make sure to keep those silica gels you find in shoe boxes. Use them in your shoe area to keep them dry and not musty. In case you threw them out, you can find some at your local hardware store. Try True Value or Ace Hardware.

Install hooks at the back of your closet and/or bedroom door. You can use these for those clothes you intend to reuse or for belts.

Finally, remember that you want your clothes dry and not prone to molds. For this, I seriously recommend buying a dehumidifier. These are available as well at Japan/Daiso stores or at your local hardware. They are a lifesaver.

You don't need to keep all your things.  You would be surprised to have more room than you imagined.

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