Do you feel overwhelmed or lost on how you want your interiors to be like? Have you been ogling those perfect Instagram photos but cannot seem to do it yourself? You want the look but you don't want to copy everything that you see. You want something that is Pinterest-worthy but suits you to a tee. Let me help you streamline all that noise and create something that speaks to you. 

I have 3 online design packages: Basic, Premium and Platinum. For each package, I will help you focus and give you the design solution you need. To make things clearer, let me explain the benefits of each feature:



This can be a bedroom, living room, bathroom, powder room, dining room, entertainment room, etc.



Conceptualization - Every design starts with a concept. To achieve your aspired interior, I will present you with a concept/idea that will ensure that we get the right mood and the right look that you want. The concept board includes a color palette and mood board.

Color Palette - Colors can make or break a space. Getting that right color can be tricky. The color palette involves your main color and accompanying colors that will put everything together.

Mood Board - A mood board gives you the feel of how everything will come out. 

Shopping list - This includes furniture, accessories, lighting, materials (like tile, marble, fabric, wood, etc.) and the corresponding price estimate.

Floor Plan - A floor plan involves planning your space, the furniture, cabinets that will fit comfortably. Getting that right size and type of furniture can be tricky without this. A good floor plan ensures that you can move around freely and comfortably and allocates storage/organization as well. Now, you will no longer worry about returning your purchases and paying for re-stocking fee. Or worse, sell the furniture yourself because it just didn't work! 

Perspective/Room Renderings - This will be a view of your space.

Built-in Cabinets - Design and material specifications and other technical details are included to ensure that your contractor/carpenter can do this accurately.

Ceiling Design - Ceilings can give character to your space. It will also include lighting design -- i.e. downlights, pendant lights, track lights, etc.

Consultation - all packages are inclusive of design consultation via e-mail to answer any questions that need further elaboration. Length of consultation will be dependent on package availed.

Who is online design for?

My online design packages are for those who need to be guided to their ultimate dream space but can do the purchasing and implementation/construction themselves. It is for those who are comfortable communicating regularly online and can implement the design themselves. It is NOT for those who want me to do site visits (visits to your space/place) nor for those who want me to check on progress of construction work. For something more personalized, shoot me an e-mail to discuss your needs.

I don't have the time to do this.

Time needed will depend on how big your space is. I will ask you via my questionnaire for your needs and style. If you don't know your style, I will help you find your signature style. I will do most of the heavy work but I still need you to do a bit of homework so we can zero in on your particular style and have no design regrets.

How do you work?

I believe in giving you the best ideas and that means collaborating with you. I do not want to dictate but rather guide you in the process to get what YOU WANT. We can communicate via e-mail and I will advise you on what is BEST for YOU. 

I don't have enough money.

I will work within your budget and will also give you a reasonable one. I believe in value for money, that means getting the most of what you paid for. That does not mean that it should always be expensive. It means knowing the type and quality of the items you are buying. It means also using your existing furniture or accessories and decor, and buying the necessities, and the wants, when possible. Conversely, it does not mean also that cheap equals quality. I will tell you what you should invest in, your priority buys (MUST), your less priority buys (WANTS).    

I want you to implement the concepts because I have no time.

E-mail me all about your project. Let me give you a personalized package that will include visits to your place, personalized service, and other needs that are not included in my online packages.

I want a full renovation package, complete with changing the ceiling, lighting design.

E-mail me all about your project. Let me know your requirements and I can make the appropriate package for you.

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This is applicable for restaurants, retail stores, convenience stores and the like for an area of 100 square meters and below. 



For the first few words, check the post in residential design.

Built-in Furniture - these may include cabinets, booth or banquet seating, storage, display racks, and will show all the technical specifications needed.

Lighting - This is part of the ceiling design. All types of lighting needed will be specified.

Outlet/Switching Plan - A commercial establishment's lighting needs are important for proper ambience and usage. Location and details of outlets and switches are included.

Furniture List and Specs - This will include all furniture with the proper materials suited for the establishment.

Swatch board - A swatch board will include the actual swatches of the materials to be used during construction. This may include flooring, wall finishes, fabric.

Signage - A store isn't complete without the proper signage. All details and specifications for signage is expected.

Purchasing/Sourcing - Sourcing for the materials indicated (except for construction materials)-- tiles, wallpaper, fabric, lighting, window treatments. Purchases can be made by the interior designer.

Site Visits for 3 months - Weekly site visits are the norm during construction. Rate includes any establishment within Metro Manila. Outside of Metro Manila, pls. e-mail me for the proper rate. For visits extending more than 3 months, my rate within Metro Manila is Php1,600 per visit.